Bridal Packages

These can be bespoke to your personal preference so please come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our wedding specialists to discuss the perfect package for you. Plus, if you and the bridal party decide to join us in the salon for us to help you get ready, we will provide breakfast and bubbles for everyone, to get the day started properly.

Bridal Hair, Make-Up & Nails
We want to get your hair looking beautiful for the big day! This package is for in salon only and includes:

  • Hair and make-up trial
  • Complimentary deep conditioning treatment

To come out to you on your big day is price on consultation.

Bridesmaids & Mum — Hair & Make-Up £60
Bridesmaids & Mum — Hair Only Starts from £40

Going Out / Hen Do Packages

Whatever you are up to on the weekend, we can help you and your friends get ready for the special occasion. Maybe you fancy having your hen do with us, or just need a hand for a night out? Just let us know what you fancy…

This is for group bookings of 4+ we will also provide you with bubbles and either sweet or savoury nibbles depending on what you fancy.

Blow-Dry or Quick Hair Up & Make Up £35
Blow-Dry or Quick Hair Up & Make Up plus nails £45
Blow-Dry or Quick Hair Up & Nails £30
Blow-Dry or Quick Hair Up & Nails plus deep conditioning treatment ����38
Make-Up Lessons With Own Make-Up (1hr Session) £25

Tomlinson 10 Commandments

Check out our 10 commandments to help you plan your hair and beauty for your big day:

  1. Thou shalt work backwards

    Starting from your wedding day, work backwards for your hair appointments. Colour and cut your hair 1-2 weeks before then work all other hair appointments back from that. It’s a good idea to time your hair and makeup trial with a dress fitting so you can see how the whole look comes together.

  2. Thou shalt not make any big changes

    The weeks before your wedding aren’t the ideal time to try out a red or have 6 inches cut off your hair! Your wedding photos will last a lifetime so save the dramatic changes for after your honeymoon.

  3. Thou shalt visit the salon

    Hoping for long luscious locks on your wedding day? It’s temping to skip a cut or two to gain those extra inches. But regular trims remove those pesky split ends that will do more damage the longer they’re left on. Try adding a repair treatment to your visit or a moisturising mask to ensure your hair is in tip top condition for the big day.

  4. Thou shalt discuss

    We want the morning of your wedding to be the fun, relaxing start to your day that you deserve. What can we do to make that happen? Discuss everything with your stylist during the lead up to your wedding. Bringing mood boards and scrap books is a fantastic way to ensure you are both on the same page.

  5. Thou shalt book a trial

    It is essential to plan your hair and makeup in advance for a stress free wedding day. This is a chance to sit down with your stylist and makeup artist and discuss your expectations and vision for your day. Then try out different styles to discover your inner bride. Bring along your friend for a second opinion and we will treat you both to a glass of bubbles and chocolates.

  6. Thou shalt turn down the heat

    With the engagement party, hen do, rehearsal dinner and all, the events in-between, the weeks leading up to your nuptials are a busy time for your hair the use of heat styling and back combing can result in dry, dull locks and frazzled ends on your big day. A professional hair care routine can save you! Talk to your stylist about the best conditioners and repairing treatments to use on your hair and always use a good heat protector, even before you turn on your dryer! We love redken iron silk for ultimate protection and silky smooth hair.

  7. Thou shalt manage thy time

    The morning of your wedding allow enough time for your hair and makeup, an hour for each, per person is perfect. Then make sure you’re finished in plenty of time to put on your dress and for any finishing touches before your photographer arrives.

  8. Thou shalt care for your skin

    Every bride wants to be radiant on her wedding day so glowing skin is a must! A good skin care routine is key to this so visit your makeup artist well in advance for an in-depth consultation and skin analysis. She can recommend a personalised skin care programme for you to follow at home and discuss your make-up vision for your big day at the same time.

  9. Thou shalt relax and enjoy

    With all the rushing and planning, your trips to the salon can be the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy a little quiet me time. Try adding a conditioning treatment and head massage to you appointment or manicures for you and your wedding party. You can even start your hen party in the salon, with drinks, hair, makeup and nails for the big night. Ask your stylist for details.

  10. Thou shalt love thy hair

    The big day has arrived; you’ve organised, prepped, planned and panicked. Now is your time to just sit back, relax and enjoy your salon experience. The morning of your wedding is the calm before the whirlwind, so make the most of it, be surrounded by your closest friends and family, take lots of photos and enjoy this special moment. Trust us to take care of your hair and makeup, relax with a glass of champagne and enjoy being a princess for the day.